Physical Therapy Services

Core Stabilization
Core stabilization techniques are utilized to work the abdominal muscles and other postural muscles to help create and maintain an ideal alignment. Many physical therapy and rehabilitation clinics are now offering ...
Sports Therapy
Sports physical therapy is an area of practice that specializes in the performance enhancement, evaluation, prevention, rehabilitation, and treatment of the athlete or physically active individual. This might include ...
Work Injury Rehab
Worker rehabilitation is a program that helps care for employees who have suffered overuse injuries and even traumatic injuries both on the job and off the job. The program's goal is to help increase the workers ...
Orthopedic Rehab
This type of physical therapy involves the diagnosing, managing, treatment, and prevention of injuries to the musculoskeletal system. Orthopedic physical therapists will often care for individuals of all ages that ...
Exercise Training
Physical reconditioning or individualized exercise training is designed to help a client regain their movement and flexibility along with muscle strength and muscle endurance. Performing physical exercise is ...
Post-Surgical Rehab
Physical therapy can help with the many issues that arise following a surgery. Typically following a surgery, a patient may experience more pain and swelling, loss of motion, increased stiffness, muscle weakness, the ...
Office Ergonomics
Office ergonomics is the specific study of science in the work environment. It will pertain to the work that is performed, the environment of the work being performed, and the tools that are used. The goal of office ...
Vehicle Accident Rehab
Rehabilitation from motor vehicle accidents is a collaborative type of rehabilitation with the ultimate goal of returning the client to the physical state that they were in prior to the injuries. This type of ...
Electrical Stimulation
Electrical muscle stimulation or EMS is a treatment method that uses an electrical current to contract a single muscle or group of muscles. Electrodes are placed by the physical therapist on the skin in certain ...
Ultrasound is often used as a treatment modality by physical therapists as the high and low frequency sound waves provide deep tissue and muscle warming. Sound waves are transmitted to specific affected areas of ...
Phonophoresis is a treatment modality often used during physical therapy treatments. This method of treatment uses sound waves from an ultrasound machine along with medicated gels. The medications are applied ...
Physical therapists are now more than ever using Iontophoresis as a therapeutic modality. Iontophoresis is a method of electrical stimulation that is used to help administer medications through the skin and into the ...
Traction is a treatment modality used in the treatment of lower back and neck pain to help alleviate the symptoms of pain and to increase the mobility of the spine. Theoretically, traction is applied to help separate ...
Manual Therapy
Manual therapy is defined within the physical therapy profession as a clinical approach using hands on techniques, including to but not limited to joint manipulations and mobilizations, performed by the physical ...
Joint Mobilization
Joint mobilization is a treatment method that physical therapists use to passively move the joints of the body in specific directions. This type of treatment modality can help to decrease pain and increase mobility. ...
Massage is a physical treatment technique that uses the hands, arms and elbows to manipulate the muscles and connective tissues of the body. This treatment technique is used frequently to help decrease pain, decrease ...

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